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The Web-based SEO Audit Report will cover the following:

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    Our FREE Entire Website Audit Includes SEO Analysis Report

    Most of the website audit tools are analyzing only a single page and not the entire website. So, it needs a lot of work to audit your site if you do it every page. How about you have hundreds of pages? I'm sure you can't imagine the hard work waiting ahead.

    Also, most of the tools lurking around the net are too expensive, because they are primarily developed for digital marketing agencies.

    Here at WowVisible, we are also using one of these tools. Our top recommended one is SEOProfiler auditor because it will analyze automatically your whole website  every week . We have paid this tool monthly. But for us to connect and build trust with you, we'll run a full audit of your entire website for free.

    The audit report includes comprehensive SEO analysis—the essential part of making your site optimized for high rankings in search engines like Google. The best thing, the audit report will include “How To Fix Guide”. You need not pay us to fix your site errors. You can do it by yourself, simply following the easy guide in the report. But, if you are too busy with your business and need help, you may contact us.

    Website Audit Report Details

    At your fingertip, you can access the free report anytime and anywhere. It's a complete web-based audit report. It has a responsive web design and looks good both on mobile and desktop. See below the section details:

    Overview Analyzed Pages

    In this section, you can get a quick grasp of  your sites' health status. You can view the number of errors, warnings, notices, and misspellings found on your site. You can also see the type of errors, such as broken links, links to inaccessible pages, and duplicate page titles.

    Under the warning section, you can view different warning types such as duplicate contents, duplicate meta description, and title too long.

    The same thing with notices and misspellings sections, you can find the various types of issue.

    Checked Files

    At a quick glance, you'll find your sites' problematic files that have errors, warnings, issues, notices, and misspellings. If you click the details button, you'll see the problem details and an easy-to-follow fixing guide. It might be a broken link, duplicate title and more.

    Content Topics

    You can easily spot the words most often appear on your website. These words can help search engines understand the topic of your website.

    If you're wondering why your site is not ranking well for your preferred keywords, using this word cloud can help you optimize your website based on your chosen keywords.

    content site topics x

    Duplicate Contents

    If you don't want Google to penalize your website, make sure your site is free from duplicate contents. Search engines won't allow duplicate pages rank on their search listings.

    In the worst-case, your site could be penalized for a long period if there are many duplicates. Get rid of these duplicates soonest possible!

    duplicate contents x

    Internal Links

    Don't annoy your site visitors! By making them clicks some more before getting the information they need. It's a No-No for them as well as for search engines.

    Let them make a few clicks as much as possible or else they'll leave your site quickly and won't ever come back again.

    Use the click depth details of the audit report in fixing the internal link problems.

    click depth x
    External Domains x

    Links To External Domains

    You might feel good getting thousands of backlinks. Not knowing, most of them coming from the same domain.

    In search engine optimization, it's crucial to get backlinks from diversified and relevant domains. Not following this could lead your site to Google Penguin Penalty.

    Find out if you have a healthy links profile thru our audit report.


    No one dares to revisit your site if it's loading more than 3 seconds!

    Nowadays, people are becoming impatient because of a lot of options waiting at their fingertips. Search engines are aware and won't give turtle-moving sites a chance to rank.

    Check all your site pages if they passed the 3-second loading speed test.

    page load x


    Are your site secured from the eyes of penetrators? Hackers are all around. Unknowingly, they can steal your private information and even take total control of your site.

    It might be late for you to know that your contents have been spammed.

    Before everything else, put your site security as the top priority. Make use of our audit report to find out your site's security weakness.

    site security x

    Structured Data

    Only a few of your competitors are taking advantage of structured data or rich snippets.

    Maybe, it's because structured data are invisible on a browser. They are embedded in the source code. They give additional information to search engines what the page is all about.

    It's one of the secret weapons of top-ranking sites. Discover if your website developer integrated structured data to your site.

    structured data x
    Website Technologies x


    Stop wasting time manually checking the technologies added to your site? Your website developer might overlook the essential technologies you want to add.

    The best thing to verify if they have added your preferred technologies properly is to find out quickly in our audit report. No hassle at your end!


    No Organic Traffic? How can Google help you if your pages not yet indexed?

    Make your pages index first and have the chance to get rankings and traffic from search engines.

    Your pages might have indexability problems that prevented the search engine from indexing your site. Make use of our audit report to find out!

    site indexability x
    Devices Used x


    Your website might look messy on other devices. The fact, not all of your visitors are using a desktop. Some of them are using tablets or smartphones of various sizes.

    In the worst scenario, they can't view your website or have hard times finding your call-to-action button.

    Why not check if your site is compatible across different devices and sizes?


    You don't want Google to penalize your site. Because of duplicate or thin contents of your site. You need not index archive and thank you pages and even your terms and conditions page.

    You directly instruct Google on what pages to index by setting up correctly your Robots.txt file.

    In our audit report, you can check if you've got problems with your Robots.txt file configuration.

    robots txt file x

    Inclusive "How To Fix Guide"

    You need not be an expert. You can fix your site errors by yourself. Just follow the easy-to-follow guide, and everything will be okay.

    But if you're problem is time, because you're busy with your business matters. Feel free to contact us.

    How To Fix Guide x

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