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Setting up an eCommerce site is very easy! That’s why you’ve got thousands of competitors. But ranking an eCommerce site is tough because everyone is seriously competing. We can help you beat the competition and push your rankings to the top. Our words are backed up with verifiable results.

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Our SEO pricing is very affordable for business owners because we don't spend too much on marketing as big brands did. We've got most of our clients from referrals. Basically, our referral rate is high because our clients are happy with the results we've made.

Our algorithmic-proof SEO strategy is our edge over our competitors. We won't worry about how frequently Google updates their algorithm. Because we make sure, our SEO process is always aligned to search engine guidelines. Our system is designed to work for the long-term haul.

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I just want to tell you. You've just done a fantastic job on it, extremely happy with you. We gonna be working for a very long time together.
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TJ Harrington
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Our Top-Notch Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Removing All Dead-Weight Pages

It's normal for an eCommerce site with hundreds of pages. If you haven't optimized your website yet, it's normal too to have hundreds and even more dead-weight pages or low-quality contents. Low-quality contents may include duplicate contents from categories pages, tags, archives, and may more. Also, it includes also those pages with thin or little contents.

If you don't address this issue, you have no chance to get a high ranking on search engines. The worst thing you'll get a penalty if neglected for a long time.

You might not know that your website developer did only simple copy and paste of your product descriptions from your supplier. Do you know? A search engine won't index duplicate contents. You can't see duplicate search engine listing. For Google, they have created a Google Panda algorithm to check duplicate contents and any other low-quality contents.

Dead-weight pages should be fixed quickly before getting a penalty that would take a long time to recover.

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Establishing Solid Internal Linking

Make all your site pages thematically relevant is a significant ranking factor. The problem, not all SEO experts have the right skill in establishing strong internal linking. Most of them just do links without a strategy in mind. Instead of helping the site, they could make page authority leakage that would affect the overall domain authority score.

But if the linking structure is properly implemented, the result would be astonishing. It can improve the page authority of your landing pages and your website's domain authority.

Getting a high domain authority will give you the power to index and rank your new pages easily. Definitely, you can save time and money in the long run.

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Discovering Keywords with High Buying Intent

Even your site has millions of traffic, but if it won't convert, it's just like a wind passing by. It's useless! So, it's essential to target the right keywords that would bring money to your eCommerce business. Don't be lured about getting high rankings of informational type of keywords, where the intention is looking for a piece of information. And not in the buying mode.

Here at WowVisible, we'll help you find those keywords with high commercial intent or known as buying keywords. These people using this type of keyword are hungry for your products. They are searching for the intention to buy, thus giving you in return a high conversion rate and profits.


Make Your Ecommerce Site Highly Optimized Both Search Engines and People

Most of the SEO experts out there are blindfolded with regards to website optimization. They only focus on SEO or optimizing the website for search engines.

The fact is it's the people who will buy your products and not search engines. So, people should be considered during the optimization process.

Here at WowVisible, we do the optimization to make the site both SEO-Friendly and User-Friendly. We help you improve your site's organic or search engine traffic and improve its conversion as well.

Hence, we include people in our optimization process. You can't avoid getting loyal customers or perpetual repeat orders.

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Exploit the Weakness of Your Competitors and Outrank Them Quickly

We want you to save time and money. Why not shortcut your success! This shortcut is the smartest way without getting a Google penalty. The truth, search engine loves it.

We're referring to reverse engineering optimization. Why not copy the strengths of your top competitors! If they managed to rank on top of you, it's clear their optimization is working. Why reinvent the wheel?

Our experts will help you find the strengths of top competitors and copy them. Just like the way they optimize their content as well as the types of backlinks they've acquired.

And to outrank them easily, we'll help you exploit their weaknesses with integrity.

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