The Team Behind Our Success

With their years of experience and dedication to excellence, we have been able to create fantastic products and services that people will love.

Working with the team behind our success has been an incredible journey! With their expertise in design, development, marketing strategy, and customer service they are allowing us to be successful at what we do best: making great products/services for happy customers.

It is the team behind our success that helped us get this far. They are united in their determination to provide high-quality service and care for one another as they work toward building an even better company each day.

WowVisible Team
WowVisible Team
Armil Velos CEO ID
Armil Velos
Chief Exective Officer

Armil has always been a visionary leader and achiever who knows how to bring his dreams into reality.  His determination for success became apparent when he graduated from college with honors  – an accomplishment that led him to work as Marketing Manager position in an IT company where Armil spent most of his twenties working hard before becoming the CEO himself at 30s by starting up his own business called WowVisible.

He is an inspirational business leader, who never stops helping his team grow. His determination and dedication to the company’s success have been paramount in WowVisible making it a leading name. Armil inspires everyone around him with not only management skills but also spiritual guidance.

Armil’s leadership qualities are what make each member of this multi-faceted organization feel accomplished as they work their way up from entry-level positions while keeping one foot firmly planted on the ground so that they can serve more people in need.

Grace Joy Velos
Grace Joy Velos
Chief Operating Officer/Finance

Grace is a tough, hard-working girl who knew early on that she wanted to help her parents make ends meet. She did everything from selling food at the roadside and working odd jobs.

These low moments, however, gave Grace the strength she needed to face any adversities that came up and even led to successful career.

She has always been willing to learn new things, and this led her straight into the world of online work. She started working as a digital marketer and not long enough due to determination for success she became an expert in the role of marketing and made many clients happy with their campaigns run by WowVisible’s team under Grace’ supervision.

Grace is a woman in charge. She has risen from being the digital marketer to COO/Finance of WowVisible, and she now oversees everything with her husband as CEO–quite literally taking over his role at home too!

SEO Manager
Mary Apple Villarias
SEO/CRM Manager

One of the industry’s most sought-after SEO experts, Mary has been working in search engine optimization for more than 10 years. She is backed up by a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes her an unmatched resource to those who want to rank higher on Google or any other major search engine.

She is WowVisible’s SEO Team Lead, known as someone who loves to concoct and create. She’s always on the lookout for new inspiration, and she has a knack for seeing things from every angle. In addition, she likes to crack jokes and make people laugh, which she does well because of her quirky sense of humor.

She has been in love with all things digital marketing since she first got her hands on a computer. She’s had the pleasure of working with many different companies and loves putting her expertise to good use for any company that needs help reaching its goals. Her favorite part about working with clients is helping them grow their business through search engine optimization.

When she isn’t at work, you can find Mary writing a story or spending some quality time with her family!

Ignecris Mainit
CRM Manager

Ignecris is the smiling lady in WowVisible. She’s always optimistic, and greets every day with a wide smile. Ignecris loves helping people, and feels fulfilled when she’s able to make someone else’s life better. She truly believes that kindness is the key to happiness, and she tries her best to be kind to everyone she meets.

And for her work life, she has a rare ability to find the perfect solution for each client, taking a value-based approach that ensures success. Ignecris is patient and meticulous, ensuring that each service offered will fit the client perfectly. Her hard work and dedication have earned her the respect of her colleagues and clients alike.

Cyndy Content Writer x
Cyndy Bendijo
Copywriting Manager

Cyndy’s passion for words is evident in everything she does. She makes sure the WowVisible clients are satisfied with what we put out, and her writing has been approved by them time after time! Beyond that though, Cyndy shows off an amazing talent: When performing live on stage as a singer-songwriter, it becomes clear how powerful her voice really is ̶ behind every word there’s power and emotion just waiting to be shared with everyone who will listen.

Cyndy is an all-around awesome person who loves to work with different types of people. Cyndy enjoys a good time, but when it comes to working she’s very serious. One thing that Cyndy has an eye for detail about is her work – she always does what needs to be done and gets the task at hand completed without excuses or procrastination.

Cyndy loves learning new things because they excite her – any opportunity for thrill or excitement will catch her attention!

Michele Irene Playda
Michele Irene Playda
Veteran Digital Marketer

Michele’s experience in the field of digital marketing has been invaluable to our clients, who have ranked very high on Google search. She ensures that they are not only visible through SEO but also active and engaging with their customers via social media channels.

She is a 10-year veteran in the world of digital marketing and specializes specifically in search engine optimization (SEO). Her deep understanding of how everything works together – from keywords to content placement – makes Michele an indispensable resource for any business looking to rank highly on Google searches.

Michele is a hardworking, positive woman who always maintains her smile. Passionate about what she does at work and keeping an upbeat attitude in general, Michele believes that when things don’t go the way you want them to then it’s important not to let your emotions get out of hand but rather stay as calm as possible- this will motivate yourself towards your goals! In her spare time away from work, Michele likes having adventures with friends or family and enjoys watching movies.

Son Alfred Cazon
Son Alfred Cazon
Digital Marketer

Alfred’s dedication to providing a robust digital marketing experience for our clients is not only evident in his endearing smile, but through years of hard work and passion which led him into the right career choice.

His commitment to meeting your needs as a client shines through in both his selfless attitude and unwavering work ethic behind it.

Alfred has always been willing to give more than expected and work hard at everything he does. He never hesitates when it comes to helping someone or going the extra mile for a client, which is one of the many qualities that make him such an asset to our team!

KC Faye Canete
On-site Expert

KC Faye has a strong sense of self-motivation and will often become an expert in her field. She prefers to take logical, systematic approaches when tackling new problems or solving old ones because it helps bring clarity for both herself as well as others around her.

She responds well to challenges and is likely to be particularly good at handling challenging technical assignments.

Her faith in God helps her withstand the pressure and obstacles in life. Whatever life throws her way, she will do everything in order to provide for and support those who are important, her family.


Jessie Rose Jimenez
QA Manager

Jessie has a strong work ethic and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

She is reliable, can be counted on to meet deadlines, takes pride in her work, and always strives for excellence. She is flexible and adaptable and can easily adjust to changes in both work and personal life. She is always learning and constantly expanding her skills and knowledge.

Jessie is open to new ideas and willing to experiment, and she is committed to continuous improvement, both personally and professionally.


Shyrel Circo

Shyrel is an ambivert student (a combination of introvert and extrovert) who found solace in her education. She rarely hangs out with friends. In her elementary, high school and college she has a small group of friends.

She’s a great listener, but she also pays attention to what you’re saying. The friend that always has your back, no matter what. The one you can depend on to be there for everything in life with a smile and an encouraging word when needed most. She will never let anyone down including herself, because she knows how much value fidelity brings into our world.

Her calm demeanor in the face of pressure is both impressive and refreshing. She never loses sight of what’s best for others. She handles her responsibilities with grace!

Darlene Dejoras
Optimization Consultant

Darlene is a person who has always put her heart into everything she does. She is a consistent honor way back school days. Her ability to adapt and succeed in any situation has made her a valuable member of our team. One of the hard-working person, she always embodies that meaning of being a team player! Her positive attitude and happy demeanor shine through in everything she does. Whether it’s helping others or achieving her objectives, you can always count on this woman for bright eyes and an open heart!

Her mind is like a blank canvas, ready to be painted with the information that you give it. She’s an objective thinker and will pursue whatever course of action makes sense for her according to logic rather than emotion or personal preference. She is the ultimate daughter who makes her family and parents proud.

Jay Cazon
Hashemi Jay Cazon
Digital Marketer

“Anything for my child,” that’s the mantra of this young mama. Jay embraced motherhood at a young age and turned this lifetime challenge into something beautiful—the best version she has become.

When life gives her lemons, Jay turns them into lemonade. She takes challenges and corrections as learning opportunities. Jay is eager to learn, thus allowing her to discover and develop skills. She finds joy in reading and is known as someone who looks for beauty even in the simplest things. Jay has simple aspirations in life, except she aims for “beyond-simple” in her work.

She believes that you can create something magical when you do what you love for the people you love!

Mark Cazon
Mark Aldrin Cazon
Digital Marketer

Mark is a loving father. Who always wanted the best for his son and wanted to be a role model for his son. He loves to smile all the time because he believes that makes people look younger. Aside from the notable, cute smile, Mark is someone dedicated and passionate about work.

He loves working with the computer and internet, even when as a young boy. When faced with the biggest downfall of his life, Mark did not lose hope and stood up for the better.

When Mark became a part of the team, he continued to learn and strive to be the best. He has always been willing to go the extra mile for the client. He even spent most of his extra time working to always finish the task before the deadline. Putting his passion, dedication, and willingness to grow into one makes him a valuable part of the team.

Shyre Capalos
Shyrey Capalos
Content Writer

Shyrey has always been passionate about writing. She started her career as an online English tutor and quickly realized that she loved helping students learn and grow. But she also knew that she wanted to do more. She wanted to write, and she wanted to share her knowledge and experience with the world. So she jumped and decided to become a content writer on the side. It wasn’t easy, but she was determined. And luckily, her years of teaching experience gave her the skills she needed to be successful. So now she’s a content writer for the leading digital marketing agency, and she loves it!

Shyrey is just a simple person and hardworking, just like everyone else. However, her motivation and determination drive her to do better at her job. Being a single mom and a breadwinner made her strong-willed and independent, which made her face any challenges at work or in life.

Joey Mark Necosia
Joey Mark Necosia
Digital Marketer

Joey is the father of two beautiful girls. Growing up without a silver spoon, Joey knew he had to do his best in order not only to provide for himself and his sisters but also to give them the opportunity of living better lives. Working as long or hard at any job that offers is how this father achieved success–and now you can see him here.

Joey is a driven individual who has always been eager to help people in any way possible. As a digital marketer for this company, he wants the best outcome on behalf of his client and will go above and-beyond what’s necessary.

When he started working in front of the computer, it was hard for him to stand up until his task was finished. That’s what makes Joey so valuable on the team. He is a passionate and dedicated worker who never fails to deliver the best work before a deadline. Not only does he have an eye for detail, but also makes sure that during weekends or other free time hours he is with his friend-“Google” just to gain more knowledge about his job.


Cristopher Necosia
Cristopher Necosia
Digital Marketer

Cristopher is a serious person and has been a sports enthusiast his entire life. He believes that it’s not about whether you win or lose, but rather how you play – especially in the face of adversity! Just like playing sport, he mixes well with the team, which makes him one of our most valuable assets in delivering good results to the clients.

Cristopher as a passionate digital marketer who takes his work seriously and always strives for the best results. He doesn’t like delivering less than excellence, so before starting any project he sets goals that are challenging but achievable – this way there’s no room left disappointed when they’re met.