Website Performance Optimization Services

Your website is slow, and this hurts your conversion rate.

If you are tired of losing sales because your site takes too long to load, then we have the solution for you!

We will optimize your site so it loads faster than ever before! Our professional team has helped thousands of businesses improve their online presence by optimizing their websites. You can get started today. Don’t waste another second worrying about how fast your website loads – let us handle that for you!

Website Performance

Every second counts.

Your site’s performance is a key factor in your search engine rankings, customer loyalty and conversion rates. If you don’t optimize your site for speed, it will cost you money.

We get it because we’ve been there before too! Our team of experts can help you boost your website performance by up to 100%. We’ll make sure that every page on your site loads quickly and smoothly, so customers can find what they want when they need it most.

Do you want to speed up your site?

Website Speed Optimization is the process of making your site load faster. It’s not just about loading time, but also how quickly your users can find what they’re looking for and get back to their lives. We’ll help you identify where there are opportunities to improve performance and create a plan that will make it happen.

You want people to be able to use your site without any problems, so we take care of everything from start to finish. We’ll analyze all aspects of your current site and provide recommendations on how best to optimize it so that visitors have an enjoyable experience every time they visit. And if you don’t like our suggestions, we won’t charge you anything!
We offer free consultations with no obligation or commitment required on either side.


Quick Guide in Improving Website Performance

Listed below are a few ways to improve the performance of your website.

  • Make sure that your page has no more than three Java scripts.

  • Make sure that all the java scripts on your site use caching. Caching is an easy way to increase load speed on your site because it allows the browser to download assets from its cache rather than downloading them from the internet.

  • Put your images in a “images” folder and link to them with relative links or absolute paths, whichever you prefer. You should also include alt tags for every image you have so that search engines can read this information about each image and use it when indexing pages or generating thumbnails for those pages.

  • Make the most of your images by including them in CSS sprites. Sprites save bandwidth because only one image will be downloaded instead of three separate ones, and they load faster because only one image has to be loaded instead of three. There is a very good resource available for learning how to implement sprites on your site, and you can also find many different sprite generators online if you wish to make the process easier.

  • Use absolute paths whenever possible. If you are linking an image from the same directory as it is on your site, use an absolute path so that a new browser will be able to locate it directly without needing any other information.

  • Do not use nested tables unless absolutely necessary.

  • Use CSS instead of image replacement. This happens when an image is set in place of text, but when certain styles are applied to the image, that style is used and the default text content is not shown. Using CSS in this manner will increase the overall site performance because it requires less processing power and memory for each page load.

  • Only use font families that support kerning without a separate plugin such as Cufón (e.g. OTF, TTF or web fonts).

  • Create a list of all external sites your site uses and include it at the bottom of your site’s footer. This includes social media, advertising, mailing lists or anything else that you or someone else has made available for users to find you on the internet. Some people may want to know this information so that they can avoid spam and other unwanted messages, so it is important to include it.

  • Use the “view page source” function in your browser and make sure to remove any code that you aren’t directly using. A lot of people refer to this as “commenting out” code because you need to find the characters and remove everything between them, leaving only code that you are actually using. This is important because it allows your site to load faster by downloading less information.

Our team of experts will work with you throughout the optimization process so that we can make sure any improvements made are done in a way that won’t negatively impact the look and feel of your site! We understand how important this step is for our clients, which is why we’re dedicated to making sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently from start-to-finish!