Best Local SEO Tools

For online businesses with physical locations optimizing local search engine results are essential components of a marketing strategy. Like contact details and customer reviews, Ranking factors help businesses appear in local search results and obtain found by consumers.

There are plenty of tools for local directories, just like geo-targeted keyword tools, citation finders, reputation managers, audit tools, and more. And each tool plays a significant part when it talks about Local SEO. Below is the list of local SEO tools for your small business.

List of Local SEO Tools

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WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder

WhiteSpark is a tool that builds and provide services to help businesses with local search optimization. Its Local Citation Finder helps companies discover where to list for better local search rankings. Get hundreds of citation sources per key phrase.

Re-run searches to ascertain which new citations are exposure for you or your competitors. Track the authorities you have already got, so you’re not wasting some time. The incredible thing about this tool is it also features to customize service from LocalSpark.


BrightLocal Local SEO, Citation Builder & Reputation Management

BrightLocal began as an enquiry agency providing local search services. It developed a platform to automate tasks like running audits, tracking rankings, identifying citations, and submitting to local directories to help local businesses.

Find and monitor existing sources and NAP — name, address, phone — data. Monitor your reputation on review sites. It acknowledges and receive excellent good reviews and quickly resolve negative reviews. It also helps to spy on competitors, sees where they’re listed, and build new citations.

Moz Local

Moz Local helps local search engine and new customers find your online business. Aside from its excellent design, it is also a cheap tool and budget-friendly for everyone.

It’s a great way to duplicate business listings and lets you easily update your business listings. Monitor your published listing’s status and track the impact of location management on program results over time.


LSEO may be a local SEO solution that gives a do-it-yourself approach to empower businesses and demystify local SEO. Get a custom LSEO score of how you’re doing online. LSEO provides you with a playbook to enhance your score, rankings, and traffic.

As you submit your work, LSEO’s automated systems and native SEO experts score how you’re doing and supply specific, step-by-step feedback to improve your local SEO and online visibility.


Yext may be a “digital presence management” platform, helping over 500,000 business locations manage geodata and promotional content across the map, app, search engine, and directory partners.

Customize and update content for every one of your locations. Bulk edit across all of your locations directly, or bulk edit specific locations. Increase your brand appearance, campaigns, and customer engagement to the local level with unique SEO-optimized websites and campaign landing pages for every location.


Localeze is an excellent platform for local search. It contributes tools for businesses to verify, manage and improve the identity of their local listings online. It will make local listing information updated from time to time with over 100 local search platforms on just one occasion.

If you want your listing to be number one on a search engine, why not avail our local SEO service for small business. It’s an excellent service for small businesses.

SEMrush Position Tracking

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SEMrush offers tools for keyword research and competitor analysis to assist you in developing your advertising strategy. Its Position Tracking Tool allows you to trace any domain or keyword from any location and filter right down to location-specific data. Create multilingual tracking campaigns for any location.

Add up to 5 competitive domains in your tracking campaign. Its feature will show you your local competitors rank in Google’s top 100 results for the exact keywords you are targeting.


GeoRanker may be a local SEO platform that uses servers from different locations and retrieves live ranking data from Google, as showed any user from a specific location. Use the Citation Finder to spot the most straightforward citation sources for industry and site. It is an excellent tool for your SEO campaigns and identifies your website ranks on different search engines.


It’s a web marketing program that helps local businesses market themselves online by search, social media directories, email, and more Create news, deals, and events once employing a content wizard. The good thing about having this platform is it easily publish your content across local publishers and directories.

As a business owner, it is necessary to have your google local business listed on google. Cause it has a significant impact on your business and reaches more customers interested in your industry.

Yoast Local

Yoast Local is a local adaptation of the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. The Yoast Local plugin provides Google and other search engines with the correct information to point out your business within the local search results.

If you have a WordPress site, this plugin will enable you to insert Google Maps, your locations’ addresses and business hours, and a store indicator to help customers find the nearest area or your company.


Here are 7 Free Local SEO Tools For Entrepeneurs and Business Owners

Irrespective of the tools you employ , you’ll still got to put within the work. Though tools can assist you do a simpler job when it involves Local SEO. You’ll still got to be ready to put within the time to make sure that you’re profile is correctly optimized which you’re getting citations from the proper places.

Half the battle is won if you’ll pack up your profile, merge duplicates on Google Maps and make sure you are listed on a minimum of the highest 50 local directories. I hope the tools listed above will be helpful to you and happy Local SEO-ing!

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