Comprehensive Guide to Effective Youtube Marketing Strategy

Are you a business owner? Or are you affiliated with a business? Are you planning to market your brand online? According to Statista, about 4.66 billion people, 59 percent of the World’s population, were active internet users as of October 2020. This encourages business owners to market their businesses online, especially on youtube.


However, why are their videos that do not sell to viewers? Your youtube marketing should be effective for your strategy to be a success. In this article, we will guide you on how to make your Youtube marketing strategy effective. This ultimate guide focuses on 3 topics to shorten yet fully explain to all our readers and business owners the guide to make their strategy effective. Here’s what we will be talking about.

I. What is Marketing Strategy?
        a. Specialization
        b. Differentiation
        c. Segmentation
        d. Concentration
II. What is Youtube Marketing Strategy?
III. Keys to Effective Youtube Marketing Strategy
   1. Dual Research
   2. Content Creativity
   3. Video Optimization
        a. Title
        b. Thumbnail
        c. Description
        d. Add CTAs
        e. Youtube Advertising

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What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is the process of reaching out to consumers to see your product or service. A strategy is the process of planning and implementing something. Combined, marketing strategy is the overall game plan of businesses to reach out to their target consumers and turn them into users or customers of their services and products. There are 4 key elements in marketing strategy. These are as follows:

Specialization – Determine your focus domain, service, product, market, and customer.

Differentiation – See what is your competitive advantage over others.

Segmentation – Identify specific customers that value your differentiation and pays more for your specialization.

Concentration – Once you have done your segmentation, focus on it.

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What is Youtube Marketing Strategy?

There are many ways on how to market your products or services. The most effective marketing strategy used by a trusted digital marketing agency for small businesses is the use of the platform Youtube. Why Youtube? Because Youtube has been known as the second largest search engine, next to Google. As we all know, Youtube is a video-sharing platform that also serves as a search engine and a social media platform. According to their meta description, Youtube lets you enjoy videos and upload original contents to share with your friends and the world. Yes, the world. And with that, it means anyone with internet can see your video. Now, does it makes sense to you why businesses opt for this kind of marketing strategy?

Keys to Effective Youtube Marketing Strategy

Now, this is the exciting part. Now that you know what youtube marketing is and why business owners choose it, it is time to learn the important steps to make it effective.

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1. Dual Research – What You Need to Know Before Creating

You should do two types of research; first, learn about your audience, and second, research about your competitors. Just like any other marketing strategy, it is important to research your audience. Ask yourself these questions: What do your audiences want to know? As for your competitors, check out what videos they are producing. See how successful their videos are and look for gaps in their videos or contents. You may also check your favourite channels and see why you like them so much.

Remember that it is important to check what is already out on the internet and what is not working before creating your own.

2. Content Creativity – How to Make Your Content Work

There are many types of content, but why do people interact more with video content? Videos are more engaging and personalized than many other contents such as ebooks, blogs, papers. It is very conventional and entertaining. Consider these factors in creating your content for video.

There are endless choices for topics and content; you only have to “make it interesting.” If you succeed in this matter, your viewers will not leave your video and will likely patronize the product or service featured.

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3. Video Optimization – All You Need to Know to Make it Effective

Since youtube is a video search engine, it is important to consider titles, keywords, descriptions, and other factors to rank in Google. If you fully optimize your video, they have the best stand to appear on the search results. Here’s what you need to know:


Write a strong, compelling title. Add relevant keywords in your title to make it appear on the searches. Avoid clickbait. This lessens the retention and trusts the viewers have on your channel.


Make it stand out. Make it work with the title. Relevancy is essential. You can show a before and after photo in your thumbnail, especially if it is a how-to video.

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Your title should have a relevant keyword, and so is your description. A summary of what is in the video should be in the first lines, above the show more button. Add the keywords but do not make it sound awkward. Try to sound as natural as possible. Add your links and your other social media channels in the description. For long videos, write a table of content with timestamps on each segment or section.

Add CTAs

Call to Action must be added to your videos. You may use bumper ads, cards, end screens, and watermarks. Be careful in adding not to ruin the naturality and flow of the video. Remind viewers to like, share, and subscribe to your video.

Youtube Advertising

youtube subscribe button cakeYou may expand your reach through advertising. You can choose to have it appear on in-stream ads (skippable and non-skippable), video discovery ads (also known as in-display ads), and non-video ads (like banners and overlays.

All in all, the right content, the best optimization, and the right audience combined will make your marketing strategy effective. Now that you know how to create an effective video marketing strategy, it is important to be consistent. Just like an antibiotic, the effectiveness lasts, and healing succeeds if you follow the instructions and stick to it religiously.

Remember: “If you are going to do it, do it right.”

Create your own channel now and start your Youtube Marketing Strategy!

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