How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps – Make Your Search Bar Easier to Use

If you were to ask ten different people how to drop a pin on Google Maps, all ten of them would tell you to drop by Google Map itself. The official site for Google Maps has directions for all kinds of destinations, and although some of the names may vary, the technique is the same. Regardless of which platform you use, the basic procedure is always the same: once you’ve found an area you’re interested in, tapping on” Maps” will bring up the map you can view. The area you’re currently viewing will be highlighted in blue, while all of the surrounding streets and points of interest will be in green.

putting a pin on a mapWhen typing in the address on the Google Maps search bar, however, it isn’t enough. It would be best if you did some zooming in or out using your fingers or, more importantly, your finger gestures. Once you’ve found the area you’re interested in, tapping on it will bring up the map you can view. The process of pinning a place on Google Maps is the same on either android or iOS devices. Once a pin has been clicked, it will rotate blue when it is a point of interest, orange when you are zoomed in, red when you are close to a street intersection, and yellow if you are on a bus or train. Finally, a brief drop-down will appear at the bottom of the screen, which contains the directions to your destination.

Dropping a Pin for Mobile Users

How to drop a pin on Google Maps for mobile users, however, is very different. If you attempt to drop a pin from your desktop computer onto the map on your phone, it will simply not work. This is because the data provided by Google Maps for its desktop version does not match up with the information provided by its new, simplified mobile version. This means that pins you place from your computer won’t be displayed on the map you are viewing, instead of the street name, for example, “3301 Robinson Lane.” This means that you may end up with a completely random location displayed instead of a place you intend to visit. Just like how SEO works, optimization is important for you to be able to drop the pin on the right location.

phone pinLuckily, however, there is an easy way around this issue, and it is called “pin it to your phone.” To use this solution, open the Google Maps application and tap on “Plan Your trip” at the bottom of the screen. You will then be given the option of selecting “PIN” as one of the options. After you have done so, you can then enter a PIN to verify your identification. If you are unsure how to drop a pin on google maps, this step should help you.

The final step is to highlight the pin you want to drop onto the map. When the cursor appears next to the drop zone, tap in the area, you are planning to visit, and then tap “drop.” The behavior change when dropping pins on the map is caused by iOS not recognizing your actual pin when you tap it. Once it detects your actual pin, the drop zone will now display as it would when viewing a map on any web browser.

As you can see, this is a quick and easy solution to how to drop a pin on Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad. Of course, it doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me! If you want to take advantage of this feature, you need to download the latest version of iSight for iOS, sign up for a Google Maps service and download the iSight app to your device. Once you have done this, you will pin anything to your iPhone or iPad using the handy search box that appears on the map.

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