How to Get Followers on Instagram? (Without Cheating)

People are obsessed with social media, and one of these apps that got people excited is Instagram. To make the most out of this app without having to pay for followers (or resorting to cheats), read on!

What is Instagram?

instagram logoInstagram is an app for apple and android phones that lets you share pictures with other people online. The app allows you to edit your pictures, add filters, and apply other effects. You can also explore the photos of others with the app’s Explore option. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that grew to over 200 million users. It was created in 2010 and acquired by Facebook for $1 billion 1 year later. Instagram is very visual, and you must optimize your profile and pictures for both iPhone and Android phones.

Why it’s interesting?

Instagram is one of the most important social networks nowadays. It has gained huge popularity with celebrities, models, and businesses already using it as a marketing channel.

How many users have it?

There are roughly one billion monthly active users (as of July 2021, according to Statista Research Department), with 500 million photos shared on Instagram stories per day.

How does the app make money?

It’s a free app, and they make money off promoted photos and videos.

What are “Instagram Stories”?

tower wall clockLike Snapchat, Instagram launched a feature called ‘stories’ in which users can post a sequence of photos that disappear after 24 hours. The main purpose of this story-telling tool is to combine sharing photos more spontaneously.

Users now have the option to share their moments the way they might want to, rather than post a single image that can be carefully planned. Users share 24-hours worth of photos and videos in one story. The new stories feature a big hit for Instagram with its millions of daily active users.

Types of Instagram Accounts

In the beginning, you can start an account by yourself but later on, to get more exposure, you might want to hire a social media manager or buy some followers. There are many companies out there who claim that they will help you gain followers on Instagram.

Instagram Personal Account

A personal Instagram account lets you post content and view other Instagram profiles. Furthermore, you can set a personal Instagram profile as a private account, which means only your followers can see your content.

personal instagram on mobileA private Instagram account is a good way to protect your privacy, though it limits the number of people who can see your content. You can set Instagram to be a private account by using an email address or phone number, along with a password.

Of course, you can also have a public Instagram account. A public Instagram profile means people can see all of the content that you post to your Instagram account.

In addition to posting pictures, videos, and text-based content on your Instagram page, you can also share links to other online content. In addition, you can also like, comment, and follow other accounts on Instagram to create a sense of community within your channel.

Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business Account is a great tool to boost your business exposure and reach new audiences. Your account will be public, meaning that anyone on Instagram can see it! This makes for an excellent opportunity to grow your brand’s fan base without having the hassle of contacting each user one by one.

Creating your account on Instagram is simple. First, you can set up your profile by choosing a username, password, and email address. Then, you can also add your website to your profile. After this, you should come up with some interesting photos or videos to post on the platform.

business meetingIf you haven’t heard by now, one of the biggest ways to make money online with your brand or business is through Instagram.

It has been said that: “More people are searching for brands on Instagram than anywhere else….”

The key to getting your brand on the first page of Instagram search results is to create a strong profile, and one way to do that is by setting up an official Instagram business account.

How to Magnet Followers to your Instagram Account

With 10 minutes per day, you can bump up your Instagram game and attract more followers than ever before! But, don’t forget to take some time for yourself because sometimes it’s important to do nothing—like when you’re scrolling through your feed or playing with hashtags. These are some basic tips that will help you create a followers game plan for Instagram.

Make your Personal Profile Public

Popularity is everything for this social platform. This means that you should probably make your account public, so other people can see it and follow you. In addition, if they have access to your photos, they will be more likely to follow you back and engage with the photos you post.

Post Quality Photos

slovenia national parkInstagram gained such popularity because people can take the most beautiful pictures of their surroundings and post them online. Have a clean account with no inappropriate photos. Ensure your photos are high definition and tagged correctly. Use bright lighting and nice framing. Take your photos from different angles to give the viewer lots of variety and make them more interesting.

Post Every Day

If you want your followers to engage with your photos regularly, you should post every day. This is something that celebrities like Kim Kardashian do on their accounts to keep the buzz going. You need at least 10 posts that are engaging and unique to get your account going. You have to keep your audience interested, so find the important photos from your past that show something about you or what you like to do. Then, post them on Instagram and use captions that make people want to follow you because they will gain an insight into what you are like. After a while, you will gain followers just because of the quality of the pictures and consistency.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most important parts of your caption. Therefore, it would be best to incorporate hashtags in your post as possible because this will make it easier for people to find you and follow you on Instagram.

pencil formed as hashtagUse hashtags for events – Although it’s not necessary, try to add another relevant hashtag to your caption when you can.

For example, if you are using the photo for an event, use that specific hashtag so that people can see that you are part of the event.

Use a variety of hashtags – Also, when using hashtags, don’t go overboard by adding too many. Research has shown that 3-4 relevant hashtags are often the sweet spot to get the most likes on Instagram!

Use @mentions

When you mention someone in your caption, they will see the photo and possibly like it or comment. This is a great way of getting more followers on your account. There are many businesses out there that do this DAILY.

Post on Public Holidays

Although Instagram isn’t Facebook, you can post something on holiday to increase engagement. People want to see what other people are up to, and this is an opportunity for them to do just that!

Be Active on Other Instagram Profiles

camera on faceEven though you started your own account, don’t just sit behind your computer and wait for people to follow you. Instead, you should go out there and try to find like-minded users by commenting on their photos. Don’t make aggressive sales but rather show them that you are interested in what they do and how it could relate to your business. They will probably follow you back, and the cycle continues with them posting on their account about your business when they see fit!

Personalize Captions

Since Instagram is pretty much a free-for-all for personal accounts, you should try and make your caption sound as personalized and “real” as possible. In other words, don’t just write something generic like, “Love this picture! Thanks for following my profile!” Write something that people can relate to, such as: “I hope things are going great for you today! I can’t wait to hang out with you soon!” This will make your account feel more connected and less like a business.

Add Interesting Content

Ask Questions in the Captions – Asking a question is a great way to engage with followers in the comments and gain new followers. Try to have one question per day, if not more! And don’t be afraid to post a question when there’s no one commenting or answering it. There will be people who’ll comment on your photos even without asking anything in the caption! That way, you allow everyone to participate in the discussion and create a community around you.

feedback pollUse Comments as Polls – You can also use comments as polls; ask people their opinions on different topics. If you want your account to be informational, this is a great way to make it so!

On the other hand, if you want loyal followers who will interact with your posts—and they’re the kind of people who enjoy doing Instagram challenges and other themed activities—you have to offer them something entertaining, bright, or thought-provoking.

Set Up your Profile with a Bio

When you set up your account, make sure you enter some basic information, such as where you’re from and what you do. This will create a more personal feel for your audience to relate to and help them understand why they should follow you or not. Next, fill your profile with real information about who you are, and find friends who have the same interests. Next, create an interesting bio that people will want to follow and share content that you’re passionate about. Finally, write a catchy description for your Instagram page.

Comment To Stay Involved in the Community

Build a following of similar users who will support you. Find the people in your desired target audience you want to follow and comment on their photos with a personalized caption. When you tag a person in the photo, they will most likely come to your profile and check it out. This is where you want to encourage them by mentioning why you liked their picture and asking them questions about what’s going on in the photo. Here, the idea is to leave a comment that makes people curious enough to click through from Instagram onto your site. Then, if your website is interesting, you can count on them following you there.

Do Not Pay for Followers to Increase Popularity

empty pocketThis method can work in the short term, but a quick look at the profile should give it away if it’s fake or not. The best way is to use Instagram as intended and engage with people who are similar to you. Then, when they see that your account is real and you are a human, they will decide whether or not to follow you based on if their interest aligns with yours.

If you don’t have many followers on Instagram, do not rush to buy them. Real accounts can be distinguished by the number of posts they have and how often they post them. They also show signs of interaction between the user and other people that they know. Fake accounts usually have no history or few followers. Therefore, they cannot be distinguished from real ones unless you have been keeping a close eye on them for a while.

If your account looks fake, there is only one thing you can do to save it. It’s hard for someone who regularly uses Instagram to figure out if an account is real or fake. But you can distinguish between the two by creating a post that means something to you personally, like a picture of you with your family at an event. Then post it on Instagram and see how many likes it gets. If those who view your account do not engage with this photo, they are probably fake followers. You can buy them, but it will not look good because your profile will be filled with random people you have never met before who are just using Instagram for their own gain without really caring about all the things happening on it.

If your account looks real and those that are following you seem genuine, then congratulations! They followed you because they wanted to, and you did a good job developing your Instagram presence.

laptop with sticky notesAfter posting on Instagram and building up followers by sticking to the rules mentioned above, you will gain many real followers interested in what you have to say or post pictures of. These people will follow you because they are interested in what you say or want to see pictures of something you like. They may even be interested in the same things as you, which means that they might lead to interesting discussions.


It’s important to keep in mind that getting followers for an Instagram account, gaming the system will get you nowhere and is not sustainable over time. Ultimately if you want ongoing success with gaining new followers on Instagram, it’s all about being a community member who is helpful and kind to others. If you are ethical and have a great product, gaining new followers and sales over time is part of the game!

There you go! It’s as simple as that. So those are our top tips on how to get followers on Instagram in a way that won’t get your page banned. So see, it wasn’t so hard after all…

After reading this article, we hope you’ll be more motivated to go on Instagram and play along! We’d love to hear what works for you—leave your comments below!

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