How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google

If you are a business owner, it is hard for you to read every bad Review from your customers. When you do your best to run a top-quality business every day, a bad review can desire a personal attack. This is very true for Google reviews, which are often the primary thing customers see about your business online. If you’re wondering about the way to remove Google reviews, you are doing have some options.

What Steps Can I Take to Remove Bad Review?

One of the best idea to make your brand be known is through Google Reviews, and it can affect your business in a big way. Unfortunately, you cannot simply delete a Google review.

Regardless of the Review’s character, it’s essential to follow the proper steps to possess it removed. Having a hard time dealing with those negative feedbacks about your brand? Ask for help from the local SEO marketing expert to guide and help you with your problem.

1. Do Not Panic

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Considering the negative impact that a bad review can have on your business and reputation, it’s natural to urge angry and frustration.

However, once you notice a negative thought, you ought to try not to panic. Take a deep breath, calm down and compose yourself.

2. Check Google’s Policies

You must read-only flag reviews that violate Google policies. Essentially, you do not respond to flag reviews just because you are doing not like them or afflict them. Before removing any review, Google will need to determine that it violates the established guidelines. The program won’t intervene in cases where customers and merchants disagree about facts.

3. Evaluate the Situation

Once you’ve checked and understood the policy, you ought to determine whether the Review is genuine. Most of the time random people and competitors will maliciously post bad reviews about your business. It would be knowing check whether the reviewer is a customer.

4. Take Action to the Review

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Whether the Review is negative or fake. as an owner it is your responsibility to answer it quickly.

Put in mind to respond nicely, and avoid making it personal and always keep your response brief and on point. Don’t make any unnecessary actions will create bad image your customer service.

5. Flag or Dispute a Fake Review

If you determine that the Review violates Google’s guidelines, you ought to proceed to flag it for removal. You can flag the study either in your account or in Google Maps. In this way, you’ll have asked for Google’s support in helping to guard your business and reputation.

6. Report to Google Small Business Support

In case flagging the Review doesn’t catch on removed or takes too long, you ought to consider reporting to Google Small Business Support. Reporting will expedite the method, allowing you to urge back to that specialize in the way to grow your business.

How Long Does Google take to Review?

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With an excessive number of companies with Google My Business listings, Google is consistently browsing requests for reviews to be removed. Once you’ve got flagged a review as inappropriate, it’s going to take several days for Google to get rid of it.

Generally, provided you present enough evidence to point out that a particular review violates Google’s policy, the Review is often removed. Google removes reviews counting on whether it violates the policy and not the amount of times it gets flagged as inappropriate. As such, business owners also got to understand Google’s review and photo policy.

The best way to avoid negative reviews urges your happy customers to go away from a review on your page. You can use several strategies to encourage customers to speak about their experiences—working with a reliable reputation management company to help you create customer reviews.


Bad reviews are a pain. Try not to take them personally. Your business reputation is a valuable thing. Though it’s going to seem obvious, the most straightforward thanks to protecting it’s to run a reputable business.

It’s also a simple idea to regularly ask customers with positive experiences to write down reviews. Who knows, once you have positive reviews from your customer, your business will be a feature on the local news, and many potential customers will know you more.

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