Viral Marketing Techniques and Examples

Viral Marketing Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSDAlmost every day, we all hear the word Viral, a new viral video and content that spreads at the speed of sunshine. But what exactly is it? And how did it get to be viral?

Virality is also due to luck, creativity and preparation. To know more about this concept a little better, I will explain how a viral campaign works and show you some of my tested and proven techniques and examples.


What is Viral Marketing?

I believe we’ve all heard the word “Viral”. But what does it mean? And how one can be precisely Viral?
Viral Marketing is a strategy of making buzzwords that are attention-grabbing and memorable to be connected to the world. It used social media, messaging, videos, and person-to-person process to spread information about an article, product or service.

When something goes viral, it spreads extensively from one person to another. With the power of Platforms like Facebook and YouTube, sharing videos, images, and stories to thousands of people can happen in minutes. Viral marketing is a technique of letting your audience do your marketing without them even realizing it.

Viral marketing is the process of letting people do your marketing for you without them even realizing it.

The Best Online Viral Marketing Techniques:

Today, I’ll share with you a few and easy viral marketing techniques that will help you drive more traffic and sales.
These techniques don’t require a lot of time, don’t involve spending large amounts of money, and don’t think about luck.
Suppose you will not using online viral marketing techniques or not familiar with them at all. In that case, you’re putting your own business at risk by missing out on millions of potential visitors to your website or blog.

1. Target the Appropriate Audience and Channels

Before you start developing a viral marketing campaign, you must seek out who your targeted audience is and what platform your target audience uses online. Nothing goes viral on its own. You need to send the right message to the appropriate people. Your message must be interesting if you would like it to go viral.

It is essential because you won’t reach your targeted audience if you’re marketing on the wrong track. If you’re having a hard time getting your targeted audience, then it’s the best time to send email marketing to your desire audience to make your content known and viral.

2. Create videos

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Another great way to go viral is by making a video. A video can make your viewers can get to know you and be engage with your products.
If you add a video on YouTube or Daily motion, then you’ll share that video with your friends together with your target audience. If they find it interesting and useful, they’re going to share it as well.

On the other hand, the video will spread, and it can end up spreading everywhere on the net.
As a result, people won’t only watch your video, but also they’re going to see your video from different social media platforms. This will make it even more popular. The technique for making your video go viral is that the more surprising, memorable or funny your video is, the more likely it’s to become viral.

3.Offer Valuable Products or Services for Free

Let’s be honest; everybody wants Free, right? That’s why “Free” is the word being used in every marketer’s vocabulary to get people’s attention. One of the viral marketing programs’ technique is to offer valuable products or services free to attract attention and draw people to visit your website. By giving something useful for free, you’ll not profit today or tomorrow, but if you make people’s attract in you, you’ll benefit soon. Benefit soon. But how?

Here is the process-
Free generally attracts the visitor’s eyeballs. Then see the other desirable things that you’re selling and increase their interest to buy! That means if you wish to earn something, first you must pay for it. Here at Wowvisible, we are also using this technique to attract potential clients to draw more attraction to our target audience. So why not use it on your Viral Marketing too.

4. Create Emotional Appeal

Viral marketing can’t make much of an effect unless it’s got an emotional appeal. Viral marketing is 100% about emotions. That’s why this can be the most effective technique among all viral marketing techniques. Now the question is how you’ll create a powerful feeling?

Here are a number of the points you’ve got to follow to form emotion:

  • create something full of love or hate
  • either be an idiot or a genius
  • create something which will make people happy or insanely angry

Viral Marketing Examples:

Now that you have an idea about viral marketing and already know some viral marketing techniques, I will give you some Marketing examples that go viral.

1. Coca-Cola – Share a Coke Campaign

Viral Marketing Example - Share a Coke - CocaCola Campaign

Coca-Cola ranks because the world’s sixth most respected brand. It knows the way to occupy the consumer mind, share and innovate continuously with time.

The “Share A Coke” campaign became instantly popular within the market. Coca-Cola printed the country’s 150 hottest names on its bottle labels rather than its iconic logo. The intent was to make a more personal relationship with the purchasers and encourage them to share their moments of happiness.

2. Oreo

Some of the most straightforward viral content comes from seizing on the instant at the right time. Perhaps the foremost famous example of this is often Oreo’s “Dunk within the Dark” tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl. While I can’t plan content like this, quick thinking and quick-wittedness made this tweet so famous then frequently cited by marketers.

Go Viral NowHow to Go Viral for Free? (Action Steps Included) » Small Business Bonfire

Creating content that goes viral is probably the biggest challenge any marketer or agency can face.
From the vast brand exposure to reaching new audiences that cause direct sales, going viral isn’t simple, but the results can transform a business and take it to the next level.

Going viral is generally a by-product of following critical principles within the creative process and checking all of your bases when it involves the promotion. While the techniques above can increase your chances, the trick is to create great content consistently – and eventually, you will experience viral success!

So what are you waiting for? Use those techniques now and Go Viral!

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