What are the Best Instagram Editing Apps?

You should be well-aware right now that Instagram is one of the largest social media in the world. Not only does this social networking site dominates half of the world, but it’s also almost like the whole world is using this social platform to share picturesque sceneries, themselves, and share their ideas as well.

There’s no wonder why Instagram continuously grow without halt. Influencers are also becoming more prominent due to the rise of Instagram. Everyone is free to use this platform to share their thoughts, ideas, images they want the world to see, and everything if it is “Instagramable”.

The Rise of Instagram

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Since the launch of Instagram, people have been talking about it. Many people from all over the world have fallen in love with it and are now using it every day. The reason why people love Instagram is because it allows you to post pictures and images to your page so that other people can see them. You can also add comments, and you can upload videos to your page as well.

All these features have made it very popular. If you haven’t already joined, you should definitely do so right away.

Should Businesses Use Instagram?

If you are a company looking for an affordable way to connect with your clients, you need to consider the benefits of using Instagram to communicate with them. First, it is free to use on the mobile web, so you won’t be losing anything by making the jump.

The social media platform is a great place for companies to showcase their latest products or services, and it also allows you to connect with existing clients to help grow your business.

Now, if you have started using Instagram for your business, there is a huge chance that you already realize how large this platform is and what are the countless benefits you might enjoy when using this social platform as one of your top marketing tools.

What Does Instagram Do?

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Instagram provides marketers a lot of ways to advertise and market their business to the world, especially to their target market. But of course, these marketers cannot do it alone.

The strategic marketing is made possible through a series of different Instagram apps that they can use.

You can use these apps to:

  • Edit Photos
  • Create a Layout Design
  • Make Captivating Videos
  • Engage Your Audience

Here are my top 6 of the most sought-after Instagram editing apps.


This app is a must-have for all Instagram users. VSCO is considered as one of the best photo-editing apps today. To get more than 200 preset filters, you can upgrade from free version to become a VSCO member.

VSCO is excellent for photos involving nature and outdoor sceneries and activities. When you use this app, you can enjoy the aestheticism it can provide to your photos.


Snapseed gained its popularity back in 2012. This app is one of the simplest yet most versatile phot-editing apps of Instagram. Aside from using filters to preset your photos, you can also use Snapseed to create awesome editing techniques for your photos.

With 20+ features, you can add curves, brighten, add, or remove elements, and more to your photos. Isn’t that amazing?


Foodie is the perfect app for people who love to share their gastronomic experience on the social media platform. This app can adjust angel and lighting that will best set your image to the fullest.

With simple and awesome filters to bring out the yum in the food you are eating, from colorful sweets and desserts to mouth-watering delightful cuisines, Foodie got you!

Avatan Photo Editor

This app helps you in retouching your photos and creating effects you can customize. You can have the free version of this app, but if you want to add more features and tools, you can do that through in-app purchases.


Canva is wide-ranged app with customizable templates used to design eye-catching Instagram stories and posts. Canva is a very versatile app with its features that are not only there to help you create captivating stories and memories, but also help you drive traffic to your website, through creating enhanced graphics and add elements to make your photos and videos  more captivating.

You can do more using Canva and gain more followers if you properly utilize its features.


Through Later, you can create an inspiring individual shot that stands out! This app shows how exactly your feed would look like once your photos are posted online.

By dragging and dropping your chosen pic to the Visual Instagram Planner, you can arrange and adjust each phot according to your desired placement, and voila! You just made an awesome post!

Make an Instagramable Post Now!

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There is a plethora of benefits to be derived from the rise of Instagram. To start, it’s no secret that social media allows brands and advertisers the ability to interact with their target audience on an entirely unique platform. Instagram allows brands to reach out to their audience on a more personal level and create engagement unlike anything else available on the internet.

Furthermore, Instagram offers users the ability to upload pictures directly from their smartphone, further increasing engagement as users can instantly see what the brand has to offer. With this type of functionality, many brands are choosing to take an Instagram photo for their promotional or product launches instead of uploading straight to the app.

Finally, there is the matter of user friendliness. The app is easy to use, extremely quick and contains all the functionality that a dedicated Instagram account would have. Users simply need to download the app and sign in, with a username and a picture as the only mandatory fields.

This means that a business can concentrate on developing more creative marketing campaigns rather than worrying about filling out confusing forms on competing platforms.

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