What is Google Search Console?

Owning a website or maintaining one requires you to monitor and observe your website’s reach and capacity now and then. As an owner or a webmaster, you need to keep an eye on your website’s performance and visibility. As it grows bigger, Google has offered several tools and software to make your job lighter, and one of those tools developed is Google Search Console.

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Let us walk through the Google Search Console path and learn why it’s a crucial tool that you as an expert should utilize.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another web-based application by Google that allows webmasters to check visitor information, discover relevant keywords, and optimize their sites’ exposure. However, many webmasters do not realize that Google Search Console also includes a tool for testing out different web crawls and finding errors in the indexing process.

This web-based application collects tools and resources that assist website owners, webmasters, and developers and used in professional SEO services in monitoring their website’s performance on the Google search index.

Features included are the search appearances information, status updates, search traffic, and other educational resources.

It was until the 20th of May 2015 when Google Search Console was called Google Webmaster Tools. In January 2018, the new version of the search was introduced by Google and developed the user interface changes.

Why Use Google Search Console?

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As we mentioned earlier, Google Search Console allows you to track your website’s performance. Through this web application, you can see your Google Search Console account’s insights and get a more incredible view of what things on your website needs work and improvement.

For example, suppose your website has many crawl errors. In that case, you will know which part needs more attention, plus it will also allow you to give a specific keyword more attention if your rankings are decreasing and improvements are slowing down.

Another crucial part of the Google Search Console is that you can receive mail notifications when new errors are found. This helps you get your hands into the problem immediately without wasting time.

How Google Search Console Works

Learn how you can utilize Google Search Console in the simple steps:

Add Site on Google Search Console and Verify It

If you are new to this platform, you need to add your site and verify it before proceeding. Adding and verifying your site helps you determine whether you are the site owner, a webmaster, or an authorized user.

It’s a simple process to add your site to your account. You can log in to your Search Console account, and you will see a box that says “Add Property.” You may enter your URL, and voila! You now have added your site to your Search Console Account.

You will be asked to verify your website. You can choose a method of verifying your website. Verification includes:

  • HTML file upload
  • Domain name provider
  • HTML tag
  • GA tracking code or GTM container snippet

The following are some of the things that can be accomplished with Google Search Console:

Performance Tab

You will understand through the Performance tab which keywords and pages rank for in Google. By regularly checking your Performance tab, you will see which keywords and pages need more work and attention.

Index Coverage

The Index coverage tab of your Google Search Console shows you the numbers of pages that are in the index of Google since its last update. It also includes warnings and errors that caused difficulties in indexing your pages.

URL Inspection

This tab helps you determine and analyze specific URLs. Other technical information is included in this website, like when and how Google crawled your page.

Enhancement Tabs

This tab lets you see everything that needs attention and improvement. This will help your site perform better. The insights included are:

  • Speed
  • AMP usage
  • Mobile Usability
  • Rich Result Enhancement Tab


The XML sitemap is similar to a roadmap that shows you all the crucial pages and posts on your websites. Having an XML Sitemap is beneficial, so you need to start creating one if you don’t have it.

Checking your sitemap regularly also helps Google find your XML sitemap properly.

Is Google Search Console Important?

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This, apart from being able to track the number of people visiting your site, can also give you an insight into the number of people who are finding your site useful for some purpose.

It is not every day that a visitor pops into your website because of a search. There are many other factors too that can pull people towards your site.

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