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Are you aware of the range of your website? Have you ever imagined being on top of the game? It might be safe to say that almost all SEO experts make so much time for this one thing: link building.

There are many methods and ways that most SEO experts use to stay on top or compete in the game. One of the most known methods is link building. Link building has always been an inherent piece of SEO, and it does not stop in one way or two. Link building is a continuous process and will constantly change over the years.

Creating many numbers of links won’t do any good to your website, though, as the search engine’s changing algorithms and Google does not accept irrelevant links anymore. You may be either penalized or blocked.

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A Simple Guide to Link Building

Link building is a method used in SEO to get links from several other websites to yours. These links allow the search engine’s algorithm to identify your page’s relevance, plus linking provides more exposure and visibility to your website. It also helps the search engines crawl your website. SEO experts confirm that link building is the one of the toughest parts of their job.

Don’t just build links; create a connection worthy of your time and effort. The success of link building depends on how you design and find ways to acquire links and reach several chances to get a link. SEO is moving forward, and you also need to improve your ways and follow morally right backlinking.

But you cannot compete if you do all things alone. So, how are you going to win the game as you move towards your goal? Thankfully, there are link building tools that can aid you as you continue your journey.


Great Link Building Tools You Can Use

When constructing and building links, you don’t have to do it alone. Link building takes time, and you need to make use of different link building tools for the efficiency of your link building campaign. Let us know more about 5 of the best link building tools most experts use.



An incredibly comprehensive SEO tool, Ahrefs has tons of opportunities for your link building campaign. Observing and analyze your competitor’s website is probably one of the best things that could happen. One of the most iconic features of Ahrefs is its ability to allow you which pages on a competitor’s website gain the most links.

Ahrefs also offers possible opportunities to outreach, since this tool also allows you to see backlinks by page and see which sites link to your competitors. Isn’t that great? This invaluable tool is perfect for those seeking link-driven data for the link building campaign. Ahrefs can do a lot of things for you. You only need to discover those. Other features are:

  • Tracks ranking
  • Audits SEO sites
  • A credible keyword research tool


A Software for Link Building – describing itself as a tool that focuses on link building, BuzzStream is an excellent tool for link building service campaigns. This tool is very reliable for link building, ranging from small companies to larger ones.

This tool works more excellent since it helps you find influencers you can collaborate with, which adds more opportunities to your link building campaign. The tool features:

  • Building relationships through outreach to your prospects
  • A way to smoothly look for prospects, efficient to work faster.
  • Link manager and tracker for your link building campaign

Majestic SEO

Just like its name suggests, this tool is indeed ‘majestic.’ What makes this tool so ideal is that unlike Ahrefs, which is an all-rounder, Majestic is a tool focused on backlinking. A comprehensive link building tool, Majestic is perfect for discovering more opportunities for analyzing your website and your backlink profile through its link building metrics. It includes:

  • Topical Trust Flow
  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow


They may not be kidding when they said that this tool is the world’s largest blog search engine. It must be great to have a list of blogs in your niche. But what you need is to know which bloggers are worth your time. GroupHigh makes it easier to find blogs. But not just blogs, but great blogs.

GroupHigh built an empire of the largest and most notable database of blogs online. Finding new prospects and other possible contributor to your content is made easier through this tool. You’ll get a chance to access a comprehensive catalog of blogs and find higher-quality ones for the topic you choose. Apart from that, you may also use this tool’s platform to reach out to the blog you want to reach.


This tool is a complete solution for link building. Linkody is an ideal tool for those who are looking for a less expensive link-building tool. Although it’s cheaper than most of the link building tools mentioned above, Linkody provides a comprehensive link profile for your domains and has a useful link index.

Linkody’s “Top Pages” is beneficial for reverse engineering to know what works on a competitor’s side that might also work for you.


Link Building is Worth the Effort

Search engine optimization is a time-consuming and challenging process; it is often difficult to discern the most ideal link building tools. Many people believe that search engine optimization is a complicated process. The only way to rank high in the search engines is to spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns.

This belief is mostly false, and there are many link building tools available that can get you ranked high in Google and other search engines. At WowVisible, we make sure to utilize the best tools we can to produce quality results to every website we are working with. We are result-oriented and understand how link building can help thriving websites to move up their game and compete.  The most important part of SEO is creating quality content and articles that will attract visitors. Link building tools will help us achieve this goal.

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