Email Marketing How-Tos – What Is a Good Open Rate for Email

Email marketing is the act of sending one or more promotional messages to a group of people via email. These messages may be about a product or service, an event, or offers for membership in clubs and organizations. The message may ask recipients to take specific action concerning the sender’s product or service. It can also provide access to other information that the recipient might find helpful.

emailThere are many ways you can do email marketing – some examples are by using lead magnets, interactive campaigns, autoresponders, contests, and webinars. In addition, you can use email marketing as part of your overall social media strategy to help generate leads and grow your audience on different platforms.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

In our over-saturated, 24/7 world, email has become the most effective way to communicate with current and potential customers. Email marketing has been reported to be 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined! Very few forms of advertising can generate as much of a return on investment for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

There are so many benefits to email marketing! Some of the most important ones are that it helps you stay in touch with your audience, builds trust by providing helpful material, and offers an opportunity to generate revenue through affiliate offers. Email marketing also allows you to learn more about your audience and what they like, so you can adjust the material you send them accordingly. It’s also a straightforward form of communication – it’s one way no one else gets to respond or share their opinion!

What Are Some Ways Email Marketing Can Help My Business?

contact usEmail marketing is a fantastic tool that can help you accomplish so many different goals. It’s an incredible way to build your list and generate leads while also providing value – and not annoying anyone! You could use it:

As a way to connect with existing customers and strengthen the relationship between you and them

  • To create awareness for your brand or business among new audiences.
  • To promote your products or services to qualified audiences.
  • To announce new content, blog posts, or product launches.
  • To offer special deals that are available for a limited time only (like flash sales)
  • As a way to ask for reviews and testimonials from customers who have purchased your products or used your services – this is a great way to build trust and social proof.
  • To provide value by offering tips, tricks, or resources related to your industry or business helps you build authority in the eyes of others.
  • To learn more about your audience so that you can refine and personalize future campaigns.

How Do I Get Started with Email Marketing?

Getting started with email marketing can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. These are the basic steps that you need to take:

Create your list of contacts – who will you be sending emails to? You can either build a list by importing contacts from an existing platform (like MailChimp or Constant Contact) or through an API by using your email marketing platform’s API (for example, MailChimp). If you go the route of importing contacts, make sure that you have permission from their owners to do so! It’s also important to know where these contacts are located. This will help with localization – if you’re planning on sending out promotions for your products or services that are only available in a particular location, then you’ll want to make sure your contacts live in that region.

hand holding an iphone xCreate an email marketing strategy – the first thing to do is think about what you’re going to send out and what goals you’d like to accomplish with your email campaign. Some of the most common goals for email marketing are: To get a new subscriber, To drive sales of a product or service, To announce a new blog post, webinar, etc. Also, to generate traffic to your website.

Create content – what will you be sending out? You can either create original content or curate/syndicate material from other sources. There’s no right or wrong answer here. You need to do what works best for your audience! If your list consists of mainly entrepreneurs/small business owners, it makes sense for you to create original content – but if the people on your list are primarily consumers, then curating/syndicating might make more sense.

Create a strategy to build authority and social proof – email marketing also provides you with the opportunity to build authority and social proof for your business. For example, in addition to sending out content/promotions, you could also send out testimonials from customers who have used your products or services.

Set goals – what results do you want to see? This can be hard to do if you’re starting, but that’s ok! The important thing is to plan and work towards accomplishing actual goals rather than just sending out random emails.

Set up your email marketing platform – once you’ve created your content and figured out what results from you’d like to see from your campaigns, it’s time to set up your email marketing platform. This is where you will store your contacts, create your content for email blasts, and send out your campaigns.

calendarCreate an editorial calendar – this will be the roadmap that tells you what you’ll be sending out on which day/week of the month. Again, it’s essential to stay consistent with this to build up a rapport with your audience.

Now that you know what email marketing is and how it can help your business, it is essential to focus on your emails’ open and conversion rates.

What Is Open Rate Email

Open rate is a metric that determines how many people will open your email. An email has a higher available rate if it is engaging, entertaining or informative. An email has a lower open rate if it is not interesting, amusing or informative. It is essential to have a high available rate so more of your subscribers can see your content and take on the things you talk about that may be helpful for them.

What is an Excellent Open Rate for Email

A reasonable open rate for email is 30%. If your available rate is higher than that, you are doing great! If it is lower than that, then you need to work on improving your campaigns.

What Is Email Conversion Rate

Email conversion rate is the percentage of people who will click on or open your email. A high email conversion rate means that more people are interested in what you have to say. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that your email framework and content are engaging, informative, and entertaining to get a high email conversion rate.

What is the Highest Open Rate for an Email

caliper with miniature figuresThe highest open rate for an email is 70%. This number is based on AOL‘s data on their top 10 campaigns. These campaigns had an available rate of 70% and more!

What Does It Mean If My Email Opens Are Low

If your open rates are low, it means that the majority of people who receive your emails aren’t paying attention to them. This is either because the subject line didn’t catch their attention or the email, in general, wasn’t relevant. Alternatively, it may mean that your list is poorly targeted, and you’re not reaching the right people with your campaigns.

What Is a Good Conversion Rate for Email

A reasonable conversion rate for email is 3%. This means that three out of 100 people who receive your email will take action (such as clicking a link or purchasing something). If your conversion rate is higher than that, you are doing great! If it is lower than that, then you need to work on improving your campaigns.

What Does It Mean If My Conversion Rates Are Low

If your conversion rates are low, it means that very few people who received your email take action upon it. This may mean that the subject line didn’t catch their attention or the link you included wasn’t relevant to them. Alternatively, it may mean that your list is poorly targeted and you’re not reaching the right people with your campaigns.

What Are Good Open Rates for Email

A good open rate for email is 30%. If your open rate is higher than that, you are doing great! If it is lower than that, then you need to work on improving your campaigns.

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