How to Create a Google Business Page

We live in a modern world right now, where almost everything can rely on the internet. We become more dependent on the world-wide-web when searching for the things we want or for locating services we need. They sure have developed, and its development provided us with the convenience that the older times cannot afford.

As the day goes by, Google became a more prominent and dominant search engine. Through the years, its improvement relevantly improved the search engine’s reach and the people’s grasp of standard information that they need.

What Google Has Become

Google has become x

Google is changing its algorithm, and it will never stop. Not today, not tomorrow, nor the next months or years. Its algorithm keeps changing, and this is why more people are utilizing its broad purpose not only for searching and finding relevant information but for their own needs and consumption.

I don’t think that there is a need to tell you that Google is now also accessible for business-related purposes. I know you know that, and more and more business pages are created every day. Probably because creating a Google business page is free, and it’s accessible.

If you’re wondering how to create a Google business page in the not-too-distant future, this article is going to explain the ins and outs of creating business pages. If you own a business, then making your Google business page is a wholesome thing you should not miss!

What is Google My Business?

For some people who do not know what Google My Business (GMB) is, it is a free business listing tool that is multi-faceted. GMB is commonly used by local businesses to manage and grow their Google search and Google Maps presence. GMBs are directly found in Google.

To smoothen the definition above, Google My Business lets you create a listing directly to Google without the need for a third-party site.

When a user reaches out to Google to locate a product or a service, the term the user uses to your business will help your business show up on the result. But remember that this is possible only if you have optimized your GMB and made sure that all information necessary is filled and completed.

But how, though?

Google My Business allows you to manage your presence and your business’s appearance on the largest search engines.

  • Other Benefits that GMB provides include:
  • A chance to interact with your reviewers.
  • Directions are given to the prospects and clients.
  • Add photos or videos of your business.
  • Information like business phones, operating hours, and services or products are provided.

All of these benefits make Google My Business a wholesome listing tool.


How to Create Your GMB?

Now that you are finally aware of what Google My Business is, let us proceed to the next part; creating your GMB.

Here are quick and easy steps to set up your Google My Business Account.


Sign up or Log in for an account.

If you have an account ready, you may choose to sign in. Use the understanding that you want to associate with your business. If you don’t have an account, then creating one is your only option.

Head on to and click ‘Manage Now.’

Place Down Your Business Information

Business Name x

Make sure to add all necessary data and information. These include:

  • Business Name
  • Location
  • Corresponding Contact Details
  • Operating Hours
  • Business Industry

Note: If you provide good or you are a Service Area type-of-business, make sure to click the box.

You have two options:

If you have a specific business address, you can click the word ‘Next’ after putting down your speech.

If you do not own a physical store, you may leave the field blank and click on the ‘I deliver goods…’ box, and then click the ‘Hide my address (it’s not a store)’ option below.


Identify your service area (for Service Area Business only)

Before you can proceed to your business category, you need to specify your target location or the areas you serve. This will allow Google to properly place your business for the searches in your target area.


Select Your Business Category

Business Category x

This is one crucial part of GMB that you must not miss. Be sure to fill all the fields correctly. This will affect your GMB’s influence and reflect your profile so, make sure that you get the most significant category for your business.

Note: Searching for competitors will help you get the right category.


Contact Details and Website URL

Placing your website URL and your contact details will help you utilize the functions of the GMB.

If you have no website, you have the option to create a free website based on your information. But having your website is a great advantage.

Verify Your Google My Business

It would be best to ensure Google that the information you provided is accurate and your business exists. You can select ‘Verify Now’ or ‘Verify Later.’

Three ways to verify your GMB Account:

Phone Verification: You will see a ‘Verify by Phone’ option in the verification process.

Postcard Verification: A verification postcard is sent to your address, and the code given must be entered to verify your business.

Email Verification: You will receive a verification code on your Google Account and use it to verify your GMB.

What’s Next?

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You may have verified your GMB account, but the process does not stop there. You need to optimize your GMB account continuously and if changes happen, make sure to update your details as soon as possible.

If you are only starting and has little or no idea how GMB works and how to manage on, contacting a local SEO company that you can trust is a good option you can take. But do not settle for less, and always make sure that you call the right company.

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