Best SEO Companies for Small Business

Website owners all want the best for their website. Websites do not only exist for us to post and share, we created them in order to promote and market what is in there. SEO plays an important role for websites to be seen by the World.

What is SEO?

handshakes from laptopSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving the traffic’s quality and quantity of our website from search engines. The traffic is based on the people that click your website from the search engine results page. Conducting this kind of optimization for your website allows your website to appear on the results page, which means the chances of higher traffic.

SEO Companies for Small Business

Companies, especially small businesses, compete to appear on Google through SEO. To win the heart of the people and the search engine, the right strategies must be applied.

For small businesses and startups, it is important to hire a digital marketing service provider that knows the ins and outs of SEO. This way, you are rest assured your website is fully optimized to rank on major search engines.

Here are 5 SEO companies that most people recommend and proven to return high revenue on businesses:


WebFX is known to provide tech-enabled digital marketing solutions. They are specialist in providing custom strategies for every client based on the goals set by the website owner. They are a team of designers, developers, and marketers expert in their field. Their focus is on the leads and revenue generated to keep up with the goal. With this, businesses can move forward.

Ignite Visibility

burning matchstickIgnite Visibility live by the 3 Rs: relationships, responsiveness, and results. Based in San Diego, California, it was launched in 2013 as a full-service digital marketing agency. Their main focus is to help businesses grow online by providing effective online marketing solutions, a high-class customer experience, and delivering results. They do not only offer SEO but paid media, email marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, digital pr, Amazon marketing, creative services, website design and development as well.

Straight North

Straight North is a digital marketing agency that claims to lead businesses in the right direction. It offers SEO, PPC, and web design services to help your website. It aims to generate qualified sales lead and e-commerce traffic and sales increase.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Launched in 2005, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a digital marketing agency that prides itself in understanding the business goals of clients. All the decisions on what to do are based on the goal set. They offer full-service digital marketing that aims to attract, impress, and convert more online leads. And in turn, generate results for the client. Right now, it provides SEO services to 25 cities around the world


Let me introduce you WowVisible. It has been around since 2010 by the name SEOHandy and is now known as WowVisible. It is a top digital marketing agency for small businesses. It is booming and more clients are subscribing to the SEO service it provides due to the results and revenue the clients get. From on-page to off-page, rest assured their expert SEO specialists can provide you with the best service. WowVisible offers SEO packages like Plus, Premium, and Ultimate SEO through monthly subscriptions. They also offer hands-off backlinks service packages and GMB Optimization. You can get a free website audit with the solution on how to fix them, no strings attached. Aside from SEO, they also offer pay-per-click, social media marketing, and content development.

SEO Companies aim to help businesses increase their revenue. Their performance is measured by the success of their clients.

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