How to Search on Google

The easiest way to search on Google is to type your search term or phrase in the search box. Most people only use Google in a limited way. They just hit the search button and search on Google first. Once they get through that step, they usually click the websites or pages on top of the results. If they don’t find what they want, then they move on to another site.

Google search barWhat would you normally do if you wanted to search for something with Google? You would use the search engine to see if there was any information about your query. You could use keywords to search. For example, you could try looking for how to play football.

You would then put in the search term “how to play football” and see if any results came up. If it did, you would click on one of those results and get some online information about the football training program. The same would go if you were looking for how to play marathons. The search engine gives you different results depending on the search term you have used.

When you are looking for how to play football, you should know that most people use Google as their main search engine. This is because Google offers valuable information about football, and many websites have proved this information. You would be able to get relevant information from websites on the Google search results page. You can even get free videos based on the football training program that the search engine would suggest. The important thing is that you enter the right query.

The Google content network allows people to use search suggestions, and they also get an option to bookmark the website that they find interesting. They can share the link with their friends, who can then read the content and click the link if it is interesting enough.

Did you know that you can customise your search and get the result you want?

Google Search Options

search engine resultsAll

When you search in Google, it automatically redirects you to All search results. The search results will include images, videos, shopping sites, general information, and more.


You may click Videos if you want the results of your search to be videos.


Click on the Images if you want to come up with images on your search results.


Click the News button if you want the search results to be coming from News sites.

More Options

If you click on the More button, you will find options like Maps, Books, Flights, and Finance. Click on the option based on what you want Google to return your search.

Settings and Tools

Settings and ToolsDid you know that you cannot only customize what type of results you get when you search Google? You can also customize every detail of the results.


You can turn on the SafeSearch filters in the Settings menu, set how many results per page, choose private results, auto-complete with trending searches, get spoken answers, select where results open, turn search history, and set the region you want your results to be coming from.

The settings menu also include the languages options, hide explicit and private results, advanced search, data in search, and search help.


When you click on the Tools icon, Any time and All results will appear. You can customize the results you get on your search to when it was published. If you want the latest published result, you may set it to a past hour or past 24 hours, depending on what you want to see on the results page.

As you can see, knowing how to search on Google is something that you should understand. Google is an extremely powerful search engine that allows you to look up virtually any search term that you might have. There are many reasons to learn about how to search on Google. And business owners hire white label local SEO specialists to get their quality sites to the top of the search engine.

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