Removing Results from Google – Is It Necessary?

A Result is something that most searchers would want to get when visiting the search engines. Of course, even I could say that it will be annoying not to get any result when you did a specific search online.

We seek news, reports, updates, recipes, places, and almost everything online, and we are given a high opportunity to find what we are looking for through the results we get upon searching. 

However, there may be times when we realize that there are bad results that we get. Those results are unnecessary, unhelpful, or just plain imprecise. If these results do not produce good points, what do we then? 

Of course, we remove them. A white label SEO service would say that if the results do not give favorable results, we remove them.


Why Remove the Bad Ones?

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You may have noticed that removing Google results from your website can be a handful of methods, especially if you are new to the game. 

The bottom line is that removing Google results can be very difficult if you are not equipped with proper knowledge of the game. 


Removing Bad Results is essential. 

If you own a business, learning that your business is associated with bad search results sucks. Not only does it affect your overall business operation, but it also tarnishes your confidence and reputation. 

There you are, ensuring that your business is at its finest and producing services and products that will satisfy your customers, and then you will suddenly realize that this happens. How devastating could that be?

However, these problems are part of the business world, and they are inevitable. Luckily, there are several ways and methods to deal with these pesky problems. These techniques are commonly used by companies in the online reputation management industry.


Removal and Suppression

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There are two methods involved in removing unwanted results on Google. 

Number one is REMOVAL

This process is divided into two sub-categories. It includes:

  • Removing the Contents and Web Pages, You Own

You remove contents that you own when you no longer see any value or relevance on your website’s content. Pages that can cause problems and issues are often picked and deleted by the website owners because they could not think of a better way to solve them.

  • Removing Contents, You Do Not Own

This method is helpful if you don’t own the web pages and contents within the website. This often happens when negative comments are posted about your products or services on sites you cannot control.

Two ways to remove those bad results:

  1. Get in Touch with the Website Owner
  2. Directly Contact Google

Contacting the website owner by politely asking them is a way to remove nasty and negative comments and posts. Be sure to give them a concrete reason why those posts and comments must be removed. 

If the post or comments could potentially hurt your business, Google can also remove those negative results. Contact Google if you saw alarming contents that violate Google’s protocol.


The second method is SUPPRESSION.

If you can’t remove them, then suppress them. How? Try Reverse SEO. This is a method used to lessen the degree of damage harmful contents can cause. 

Reverse SEO uses strategies to subdue negative results on Google, including other search engines. 

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How to Suppress those negative links?

  • Create compelling and worthy-to-read blogs.
  • Optimize your contents regularly.
  • Use podcasts, videos, images, and other media means.
  • Build Social Media profiles and keep activity moving.
  • Provide valuable and positive comments on influential sites.


Bad Results do not mean Bad Business.

If your business fell victim to stained comments and bad results, do not worry. It may be stressful, but it won’t last for a lifetime. You need to call for a reputation management team that will help you restore your business’ image. 

If you are a small or a starting business, how will you deal with these issues?



No one wants to repeat a bad thing to happen again, so you need to learn to prevent this kind of problem. Learn from your mistakes and start again. 

Once you learn where you are lacking, take charge and do what needs to be done. Do not wait before everything blows up. 


Hire a Reputation Management Company

You need to hire a company that will help you maintain your company’s goodwill. Apart from that, hiring a reputation management company can also help you:

  • Build bonds with customer.
  • Have an updated website that interacts with the customer.
  • Get your social media presence managed well.

Not only that, but reputation management can also help you fight against nasty and false claims either from the negative comments you get or from the competitors who want to defame you and your business. 

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