The Benefits of Social Media

As a society, we are more connected than ever. We communicate with people worldwide and can share our lives through pictures and videos posted online. However, teens may not understand the benefits of social media. To keep social media alive for years to come, we must teach younger generations about its importance early on. The following article will explore what makes social media so great without going into too much detail about how it’s used – but rather focus on some of the most important aspects that make it beneficial for everyone: self-expression, marketing, and personal connections.

What is Social Media

social mediaSocial media can be defined as a group of internet-based applications that create online social networking communities of users. Social media has countless benefits, like allowing people to connect, share their thoughts and feelings, and even promote their businesses. Social media is so great because it doesn’t require any actual face to face interaction, which can be difficult for some.

With social media, people can share their lives with the world around them in a way they never have before. The internet has impacted everyone’s life in one form or another over the past couple of decades, and social media is one of the greatest developments to come from it. It’s changed the way we learn, work, and enjoy life.

Some of the widely used social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat. Anyone with a computer and internet connection uses social media. About 47% of adult internet users visit a social network at least once a day. At the same time, about 84% of teens connect with friends daily via social media sites.

Why It is Beneficial

Social media is beneficial in many ways, like the potential to keep social media alive for years to come. It also provides a means of self-expression when words are not enough. Marketing is another way that social media is beneficial, as it allows users to advertise their businesses and products to a wider audience. Finally, social media can provide a sense of personal connections with friends and family through pictures and videos.

Social media has many benefits that are often overlooked or just dismissed as fluff on the internet. While some may think it’s simply a fad, most research shows that social media is here to stay and will continue to be used for many years to come.

Make Connections with People

woman laughingFirst off, social media is a great way to make connections with people. Whether through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, users can share their thoughts and feelings online with one another, something that could never be done until the development of the internet. In addition, social media allows people to express themselves in ways they couldn’t see before, which makes it so much easier for them to connect.

Whenever a group of people goes through a traumatic or highly emotional experience together (military personnel, students, etc.), there is great discussion over the value of sharing these experiences with the world through pictures and videos – especially when many feel that it’s too difficult to talk about face to face or even in private circles. However, with careful analysis, it can be argued that this display of emotion through pictures and videos is a form of therapy- and when it comes to dealing with the more difficult parts of life, sometimes it’s easier to put yourself out there than try to explain what you’re going through to someone else.

Use as Promotional Tool

Social media is also a good promotional tool; whether it be through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram- businesses can advertise their products/services effectively to potential customers worldwide. This allows everyone the opportunity to market themselves in any way they want, allowing for creativity and innovation that wasn’t possible before creating social media.

Social media is also a great marketing tool because it allows businesses to connect with all of their customers in one place, which can greatly increase sales and profits for any business. In addition, businesses can keep track of all orders, respond to customer complaints/suggestions, and promote their new products/services.

Learn More About Themselves

looking at the mirrorFinally, social media is a great way for people to learn more about themselves. They can share pictures of their past experiences and learn how others lived or dealt with certain situations- allowing them to learn new things about the world around them in ways they never have before.

Social media allows everyone the opportunity to express themselves in ways that weren’t possible before its inception. Whether through pictures, videos or text, people can show their true selves in ways they never have been able to before. In addition, through social media, people can connect with others that they would likely never meet otherwise, making it an essential part of the internet and our lives today.

The Controversy Surrounding the Issue of Social Media

Social media is not all sunshine and flowers, however. There are many who feel that it is dangerous because teens can post anything they want without being censored or monitored. Likewise, some people believe that posting pictures and videos online can have negative effects if this content isn’t handled correctly. There are also people who simply do not want their content to be shared with the world through social media.

There is some controversy surrounding this topic because certain people feel that it’s dangerous and can lead teens to make poor decisions, like sharing things online that they don’t want to share. There are also some people who believe that social media is not beneficial to society in any way and feel that it’s better to keep personal content private.

This controversy matters because if teens grow up believing that social media is dangerous or should be avoided completely, they may not benefit from its use as adults.

There are many solutions to this issue, like keeping social media in check by using it responsibly.

The Future of Social Media

robotThe future of social media is not as secure as many would like. As society moves forward and more people embrace online communication, the need for social media may diminish. However, with groups such as military personnel using it to share their stories, a sense of community has been restored- and likely will continue to evolve even further in the future.


In conclusion, social media has helped restore a sense of community and promote healing after traumatic events. With that being said, it’s important for teens to understand why this type of communication is so beneficial- as long as they don’t overdo it. Social media can be amazing, but if used incorrectly can be even more detrimental than not using it at all.

Many people feel that pictures and videos shared online can have harmful effects when not handled correctly. However, some research suggests that being able to share your feelings or experiences with others online can actually help lessen the trauma of a traumatic event.

Social media presents a good opportunity for self-expression and creating connections with others. It can also help promote businesses and brands by helping your followers see the positive aspects of what you have to offer them. However, teens need to be aware that there are downsides to social media as well- including the potential exposure of personal information- and that overindulging in it can have long term effects.

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