The Best SEO Practices You Should Recognize

The Best SEO Practices You Should Recognize

The creative SEO techniques you employ should be geared towards producing high-quality content for your site because search engines value unique and relevant content. You will want to make sure that you spend a great deal of time focusing on creating articles that are useful to your target audience and concentrate on the keywords that will help you achieve good search engine rankings.

You must remember that search engine rankings are not just popularity contest. They are an essential means of identifying a website’s actual effectiveness in generating traffic and boosting sales.


What are the best SEO practices?

Many factors can affect your rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. Getting a high number of inbound links can have a positive effect on your page ranking. On-page optimization is the best practices for best SEO practices for website marketing.

On-page optimization includes building link popularity, article marketing, directory submission, social bookmarking, video marketing, web analytics and so on.

Google may be quiet most of the time but remember that it works silently, and its algorithms regularly do their job.

So, here are 7 of the Best SEO practices you should be doing now.


Disengage in anything that slows down your website.

Disengaging x

Of course, your page’s speed is a factor that you should be careful of as it affects SEO very much. If you think that most people who encountered the same problem a long time ago will be forgiven in the new era, think again.

Your pages speed can determine your business’ lifespan. Slow-loading pages can bore users and may discourage them from purchasing your product or services.

So, what should you do? Remove everything that slows down your page’s speed. Get rid of the elements that do not matter. Declutter, clean up and save only those that matter.


Create contents with authority.

Let’s keep it plain and simple. Present your contents in the most conventional ways. Content has always been a primary component of SEO and obviously, what Google wants is content that meets the ‘search intent’.

Create and post contents to inform users and make them stay. How? You can make them abide by by providing them perceptive contents and those that offer credible data and references. Understand the intent of the search very well and go with the right content as much as possible.


Don’t forget the keywords.

keywords  x

Never forget to conduct keyword research. This practice helps you gain a clear perception of the phrases that your prospects and target audience use to search.

At WowVisible, we conduct keyword research analysis to strengthen our grasp on the proper and competitive keywords we should be focusing on for every website we are working on.

Make sure to assign your primary keyword as well and assign it to some pages on your website.

Take note:

Do not assign your primary keyword to multiple pages. It can cause keyword cannibalization.


Write entrancing Meta Titles and Descriptions.

The page title and meta descriptions are both two of the most important meta tags on your page.

The title tags are the headlines and are considered a very critical component of SEO. An ideal title would contain 50-60 characters. When doing title tags, keep these things in mind:

  • Include your target keywords.
  • Do not duplicate title tags.
  • Prevent keyword stuffing.

The meta description also plays an important role. Although meta descriptions do not necessarily affect a website’s ranking, it has a significant influence in click-through rates which is a factor no SEO expert should disregard.

A good meta description renders between 150-160 characters. Inside the meta description should be:

  • A unique and compelling narrative for each page
  • An action-oriented copy
  • The target keywords.
  • A complete and accurate summary


Optimize Images

Images are there to provide a pleasant view, but they also improve the overall experience of a user. There may be a big chance that you take much time to ensure that you use the right images for your pages or posts.

But remember that optimizing them is an important thing you must not forget as well. Images can become a website’s major boosting factor to gain more organic traffic. So, make sure that you are equipped to optimize your images.

What you can do:

  • Select the best format to use.
  • Compress your images.
  • Provide Alt Text for the images you use.


Do internal linking.

Never forget how important internal linking is. These processes are necessary to establish data and information for your website. Internal linking also helps Google get a deeper understating of your website and its contents.

But you need to take note that you can’t just do random internal linking. Use keyword-rich anchor text to let Google understand what your page is all about. This allows the internal linking process a whole lot better.


Take on the next level today!

Next Level x

While best SEO practices are no fast fix to a poorly optimized site, there do exist certain key places where you can spot potential problems and quickly fix them. These usually focus on your site’s creative side as opposed to the technical aspects of the back-end processes involved with search engine optimization.

As with any other form of site development and management, you will have to put some time and effort into making sure that your creative actions are executed in a way that promotes the highest possible return on investment.

In many ways, this is the most challenging aspect of best SEO practices, and it often leads people to give up at the soonest opportunity.

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