The Difference Between Net and Com

Domain Name Extensions

pier extensionA domain name is the address of a website on the internet, just like All domain names have an extension on the URL. Oftentimes, these extensions are called TLD (Top Level Domain). The most common extensions are .com

While making a website, a website owner can choose from different domain extensions. Nowadays, there are about 280 domain extensions, making people confused, but it provides wide options.

You might think of choosing whichever extension you like, but some have specific meanings, just like the net and com. In choosing a TLD, it is best to choose the one that fits your business and help you build a brand in your industry.

.Com vs .Net Domain Names

When it comes to domain names, which extension should you choose? Let us compare the two most common extensions.

In creating a website, you might want a domain name but it is not available on .com. So, you might decide to use the .net instead— wrong move. It would be best to learn the difference between the two before creating a website.

.Com Extension – Meaning and Usage

skyscraper buildingsThe com stands for commercial, which means .com websites are commercial entities. Sites with this TLD includes business websites and making money online sites. This can also include personal websites, portfolios, and blogs that aim to share information on the commercial industry.

About 40% of the overall total on registered domains are under .com TLD. Out of all domain extensions, .com is the easiest to remember. It adds to the professional look of a website. Plus, most keyboards on mobile has a .com dedicated button and none for any other extensions.

The only problem with this domain extension is popularity and high demand; most names are already taken. However, worry not. You can still try another way to create a good domain name using .com.

If your preferred domain name is already taken, add a word before or after it that makes it complete yet unique. You may add your location to the domain. For example, if is already taken, try Make sure your domain makes sense and is easy for people to memorize.

Also, website owners should choose a domain that can be pronounced easily. Hyphens and numbers are not so good for domain names. If you find it hard, use a domain name generator available online. They can help you come up with domain names that are unique and clever. They also check the availability of the domain name.

.Net Extension – Meaning and Usage

networkThe net stands for the network, which means the internet. Sites with this TLD includes networking, internet information, and email service providers. Unlike .com, which comprises 40% of the websites, .net takes only under 4% of the registered domains’ overall count. 4% might sound small, but it is more than 13 million websites. Yes, you read that right.

You might think all websites are business-related, so when should someone use .net? Websites offering internet hosting, networking, email hosting, database, and other similar services are perfect for this type of extension. Keep in mind, if .net suits your brand, then choose it.

If you want to create a website that aims to build a community or network of professionals, skilled or talented people, this TLD suits your site best.

Which One is Better for SEO?

When it comes to SEO, business owners ask which one will help them rank higher on search engines. Here’s a fact, search engines treat both TLDs the same. Whether it is a .com or a .net, search engines crawl it just the same.

You have to focus on SEO’s best practices, like content marketing, to rank higher and gain more traffic. Of course, you need to choose an extension that suits your kind of service or business, but the most important thing is choosing the right domain name itself.

For example, will rank better than because it contains the buying keyword, SEO services.

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