Choosing the Best Social Media Sites to Increase Website Traffic

Six free social media sleuthing tools for journalists | by Melissa Tsungai Zisengwe | jamlab | MediumAre you having a hard time improving your company’s brand awareness? Do you wish to attract more viewers and followers to your blog site?

Building brand awareness can be challenging, but you can make it easier by using social bookmarking sites. One of the top social bookmarking sites in the world is Twitter. If you wish to be viral and global, this is a great site.

The point is, if your not familiar with how to use some of the best bookmarking sites for your business, you are certainly not on the right road. First, you must understand how to determine the sites suitable for your endeavors.

Continue reading below to find out how.

Social Bookmarking Sites: What Are They Anyway?

Before explaining the key factors when picking bookmarking websites, let us first learn how a bookmarking site works.
It is a platform that serves people to share Content; Content may come in articles, blog posts, web pages, videos, and images. Imagine that million of people who are using these bookmarking websites. In order to have high-quality backlinks, you must take note of the importance and the difference between net and com to properly execute your content.

Then you have the high possibility to showcase your products and services to more audiences. With these, you can be able to build brand awareness in a fast and efficient manner.

The Key Considerations

Free Social Media Images For Bloggers & Journalists

It’s essential to regard that bookmarking sites perform a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO refers to optimizing your website. To rank it higher in various search engines. If you want to have an SEO assist you on your website, here at wowvisible, we have the best SEO company for small businesses at a very affordable price. Work with us, and let us drive your traffic together.

Three important factors to consider in determining the best social bookmarking website.

1. Google PageRank

Google PageRank is an algorithm set up by Google. Its function is to examine and analyze each website that becomes part of its index.

PageRank applies a range of 1 to 10 to rank the websites. The higher the bookmarking site ranks, the better its exposure, popularity, and quality.

2. The Backlinks

Backlinks: 21 Free Powerful (Authority Backlink) Sources

If you receive a NoFollow backlink from your target website, it indicates that the site that links back to yours is uncertain of your online appearance. All incoming links to a specific webpage are called backlinks, and If a particular website links back to a different page, it is a backlink. These are the two types of backlinks that can change social bookmarking sites: NoFollow and Dofollow backlinks.

This means that you won’t get to experience a PageRank increase the next time Google does a PR update. On the other hand, a DoFollow backlink signifies, you will enjoy a share in the next Google PR Update. The answer is to search for a bookmarking site that is a high PR DoFollow one.

3. Original Submissions

Try to examine the different bookmarking sites, and then you will notice that millions of posts have been duplicated. This will not work if you want to rank higher. Keep your bookmarking content different and unique to create traffic to your websites.

Our Top Social Bookmarking Choices

Our list of social bookmarking sites, now that we have discussed the key considerations in choosing social bookmarking sites, we can look into some of the best options out there for you. Below are websites that rank high because of their quality and popularity.


According to research, Twitter has almost 48 million users in the U.S, in which you can engage, not to mention worldwide. Tweeting your links and images on your Twitter account means that you have practically bookmarked your content. The “like” button is also beneficial in bookmarking and going back to your earlier posts.


If your target audience is ladies, then you better make sure you are using Pinterest. About 80% of global Pinterest users are female. When making any purchases, Pinterest users go to the site first to examine and a better look at the items they want to purchase.


A popular site where people send in links and other content types that attract their interest. With these, all users can power to upvote, downvote, or comment on the submissions.

In these interactions, you can remove a list of content that has bookmarks. Of course, promoting your products and services is your top priority.


If you fit the creative or design industry, Dribble is an excellent selection for you. It provides to users who are hunting for design inspiration. With the use of Dribble, you can showcase your creations and build traction in the designing community. Millions of designers are using Dribble to increase traffic for their website.


If you are a techie type and want to connect with the tech-savvy market, you should use Slashdot. Here, users share different kinds of tech-related content.

You will discover users sharing computer hardware, security management, mobile devices, and gaming updates.

6.We Heart It

If you wish to connect with people who are captivated by images, We Heart It should be on your listing of bookmarking websites. It is a place where people post all sorts of visuals, such as pictures, plus you can also show them the different products and services you offer by merely posting a photo.

Discover More Than Bookmarking Websites

130 Social Sharing Sites That Boost SEO & Drive Traffic

Using bookmarking sites is simply one of the multiple ways you can increase traffic for your website. To create solid brand awareness, you must learn and discover other techniques and strategies.

If you crave to know more about digital marketing and website development, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us discuss your options and lead your business to the next edge.

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