How to Get Famous on Twitter

Twitter is a super busy social media platform. Every day, new accounts are created, with new tweets and retweets. According to statistics, there are 353 million advertising audiences on Twitter, and 68.7 million of Twitter’s users are from the US alone. The number of users alone is enough for people who want to become famous to join Twitter.

The question is, “how to get famous on Twitter with this number of competitions?”. The higher the number of users, the higher the number of people competing to be famous. Actresses are one of them. However, it is much easier to get famous on social media platforms if you are known on Televisions and Cinemas.

Basic Steps That Lead to Twitter Popularity

audience waving their handsFor regular people, especially business owners, this can be a challenge. Good thing there are ways to help you get on the list of famous Twitter users. This article will help you learn the methods.

Consistent Twitter Handle

Twitter handle is your profile name displayed on your Twitter. Consistency is important for people to be able to search your name on different platforms similarly. If your name on your Instagram account is RealHakuna, then your name on Twitter should be the same. This helps fans memorize your name easily.

High-Quality Consistent Profile

The first impression is very important. How do you expect people to follow you if your profile is blurred? Follow the guidelines set by Twitter when it comes to photo resolution and size. Keep your image clean and simple, so people know you are a professional. Also, consistency must not only be on names but photos as well. When they search, they will know it is you with the name and profile.

Show More Than Just Words

Based on studies, it has been proven that tweets with images get higher engagement than just texts. It can also be remembered more easily if an image accompanies a text. If people remember it, they will talk about it more. Take advantage of endless possibilities and various digital media forms like videos, screenshots, photos, memes, GIFs, and links.

Be Mindful of Your Tweets

statue of buddhaAccording to research, tweets that are between 110 and 120 characters are more popular. So, keep your tweet precise and thoughtful. It pays to check your character count than just tweeting what you want to say.

Make Friends with Hashtags

Reach out to fanbase to gain followers and increase visibility. Check out popular hashtags and use them in your posts. Make sure your post is relevant to the hashtag.

Don’t Overdo Tweeting, But Do it Regularly

If you don’t tweet regularly, people will think you are not an active tweeter user. They won’t bother following you. However, if you keep tweeting the entire day, you will take up most of their feed. Chances are you being unfollowed. Maintain engagement, but in control, so you will be worthy of a follow. Imagine you are on your first date with the person you love; you don’t want to make any mistake. Tweeting three times a day can help you maintain your activity while not annoying others.

Retweets are Your Target

Posting relevant tweets about today’s world or posting something relatable to most people can help you gain retweets. This is one way to become famous. Some examples are relatable song lyrics or life quotes.

Follow Influencers and Popular Artists

Follow influencers and popular artists and retweet their tweets. You should also reply with a thoughtful and detailed response to get their attention. This will help you get more potential followers.

With the steps mentioned above, you can now start your Twitter engagement and become popular.

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