How to Get Your Website on Google

carp fish swimming on the surfaceThis is a question that every website owner is aiming to get an answer to. Nowadays, we use Google almost in everything we do. We use it to search for recipes we want to cook, search for diet plans, search for places to go to, search for service providers we need, and more. This has been a part of our lives with technology rising high.

The internet plays its role in making almost everything possible. This is why people go to Google, the biggest search engine, to find answers to their problems. With people searching on search engines like Google, there is no wonder why small businesses want to be on the search results page. When you are on Google, the chance of people seeing your website is high.

The answer to the question “how to get your website on Google” is what business owners want. In this article, I will share with you the basic tips to help you be on Google.

The Role of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an important role in getting your website on Google. It is packed with the things and steps you need not just to appear but rank on top of the search results as well. If you are a newbie to the online world, hire a trusted company that offers top digital marketing services for your website.

For your guidance, here are the things you should do to be present in Google.

Let Google Know You Exist

As Google bots crawl on the web constantly, your website will most likely be crawled and found. However, the waiting time is unpredictable. You can speed up the process by giving a heads up on Google that you exist. Submit your site by submitting a sitemap to Google Search Console. It is like nudging Google to fasten the indexing of your website.

Acquire Backlinks

footprints in the sandPlant links on the web. To do this, visit relevant sites and leave backlinks. Make sure you post on high-quality sites. As Google crawls them, it can see the hyperlink you left and instructs them to proceed to your site. You can write content to guest posting sites relevant to your niche and leave your backlinks into the content. You may also bookmark your site to high domain authority social bookmarking websites. There are many ways to do it; make sure it is of high-quality and contextual.

Right Keyword is a Must

Keywords are phrases used by searchers to find your business. If your business is plumbing and located in Melbourne, you may use a 3 to 5-word phrase as your keyword (i.e., best plumber in Melbourne). Keep in mind that your keyword must have the intention of buying your product or hiring your business. Keywords with the words how, DIY, and home remedies are not signs of people looking for a service or product. So, you should avoid them.

Meta Tags Optimization

What are meta tags? When searching on Google, you can see texts as a preview of the content. These are the titles and descriptions, called meta tags or data. Optimizing your meta tags lets Google know what type of queries are relevant to your content. Just like keywords, it must be written considering the relevancy of queries for Google to show your website on the result.

Mobile Optimization

Nowadays, people are into mobile more than desktops. So, it is important to optimize your site to appear mobile-friendly. Google considers this factor. So, optimizing your website to appear on mobile without cutting the images and lagging is one way to get to the search results page.

By doing the above-mentioned basic steps, you help your website appear on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This will not only invite viewers but potential customers as well.

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